Episode 3: Arena Attendance

What is the relationship between arena attendance and winning at home? Is your team struggling with attendance over the past decade or sold out nightly? These questions (and many more) will be answered on this episode of Ice Analytics. I will be joined by Cori Crenshaw & Richie Flores from The Cori and Richie Show to get their thoughts on the Arizona Coyotes attendance woes and potential remedies.

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This episode is available at the following links:

League-wide Attendance:

Attendance League

Attendance and Points per team:

Attendance Team

Attendance Team (2)

Regression analysis of home points and attendance while controlling for strength of schedule:

Attendance Regression

Regression of attendance with previous years’ performance (Columbus):

SBJ Lagged

Regression of attendance with previous years’ performance (Tampa Bay):

TBL Lagged



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